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Established since 2008, we continue to grow in serving the needs of consumers in the provision of goods such as: Oil & Gas Production, Petrochemical, chemichal, Pulp & Paper, Power Plant, Jetty, Boilers, Cement Lining, Pressure Vessel, Palm Oil, Mining , steam and liquid heat transfer applications, Desalinit, etc.

Thanks to the hard work and professionalism that makes us one of the growing companies in the provision and support for projects and large-scale industry.

Until now several large clients from government and private agencies that have become our partners for the trust given to us is a responsibility and our pride.


Being the largest and leading on globalisa era and compete in the international


Excellence in the provision of services and support for the project and industry . Innovation and superior range of products we offer make us the most important as supporting the industry at home and abroad.