PT.PIP VALCON is a company engaged in the field of business, mechanical works (Oil & Gas Piping , Pumps , Plumbing , Hidrant etc),  electrical work low voltage/high voltage, panel manufacturing, steel  construction, power plant, industrial factory, WTP/STP, storage tank generator set overhaul,and civil.

PT.PIP VALCON will be supporting as main contractor and sub contractor to become the provider of professional and experienced staff and manpower. Taking into account the need for support in the execution of the project with completed tools and equipment that we have. Before we set up this company, personally founder experts has an experienced  in handling the job mechanical-electrical and civil building, power plant, project oil & gas project large scale domestic and foreign both in the process of drawing,design,cost estimation and Project some companies construction supervision. In general,we also have the professional skills certificates and certificates of the company’s from Goverment.

PT.PIP VALCON a business that we initiated with sincerity, accompanied by pray and hope,therefore our belief that hard work and our work experience nothing in vain to satisfy our customers with good service.

PT.PIP VALCON can be categorized as a  middle company but with our noble intentions,dedication,honesty,responsibility and professionalism can satisfy our performance  results to clients/ employers with good quality. Thank you for your attention and your assistance in cooperating with us.


Power  Plant Engineering,  Procurement, Construction  For :

1. Gas Engine Power Plant

2. Mini Hydro Power Plant

3. Generator Set Power Plant

4. Coal Fired Power Plant

Mechanical Engineering,  Procurement, Construction  Consist  Of :

1. Piping System

a. Carbon  and Stainless  Pipe

b. HDPE  Pipe

c. Cast  Iron  pipe

d. Plumbing Piping

2. Fire Fighting and Protection System

3. Heating,Ventilation,and Air Conditioner

4. Pumps System

Electrical  / Electricity Engineering,  Procurement, Construction :

1. Electrical Transmission and Distribution Line

2. Electrical For Building ,Factory, and Street  Lighting

3. Instrument and Control  Installation

4. MV and  LV Panel   maker and Installation

a) Distribution  Panel

b) Main Distribution Panel (  MDP)

c) Control Panel Generator Set (CPGS)

d) Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

e) Panel PLC

f) Panel Inverter and Panel Soft Stater

g) Smoke And Gas Detector

Civil  Engineering,  Procurement, Construction :

1. Steel Structure

2. Building

Civil and Architecture Engineering,  Procurement, Construction :

1. Steel Structure

2. Building

3. Interior

Storage Tank & Boilers :

1. Oil tank & Water Tank

2. Chemical tank

3. Filter Tank,

4. Pressure Tank

5. Boilers

Relocation & Dismantling :

1. Jacking and rolling

2. lifting